Magic Brian has entertained thousands of audiences around the world with his unique and original brand of comedy-magic & sideshow. He has several different shows to choose from and they can all be customized for any event.

Magic Brian's internationally award winning show has been performed in festivals around the world for the last 15 years. It is a family friendly, high-energy, interactive comedy show with plenty of surprises, culminating in a record breaking escape from a real straitjacket and 40 feet (12 meters) of chain. It has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people or all ages, shapes and sizes. The show runs 45 minutes.

This is a more intimate magic show that can play to a smaller crowd. What starts with a seemingly simple card trick unfolds in surprising and unexpected ways. Objects disappear, sponge rabbits multiply, and cards and money re-appear in strange and unusual places. This is pure magic throughout with people holding their sides from laughter and shaking their heads in wonder and amazement at the end. This show runs 30 minutes.

Perfect for events large or small. I can easily customize this show for any situation. The material presented has been tested over years, and years of performing across the U.S. with a vaudeville style circus as well as endless performances in cabaret theaters, comedy clubs, and variety shows around the world. It's a healthy dose of comedy and magic with a heap of sideshow thrown in. Routines range from my straitjacket escape, to a linking ring routine, the human blockhead act, to a revelation of a chosen card from an impossible location, and much, much more. The cabaret show is highly customizable and can run from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

This type of show is strictly close-up magic with my own unique comedic presentation. This is perfect for an event where the guests primarily socialize and mingle. Ideal for restaurants, nightclubs, private parties, corporate functions, banquets, and conventions. I perform slight-of- hand tricks using cards, coins, sponge bunnies, rubber bands... almost anything I can get my hands on. The most important part of this show is the feeling of surprise and excitement as the guests see magic happening up-close in their hands and right in front of their eyes. This type of show can last from one to four hours depending on the event.

This combines the close-up show with a short cabaret show and is great for banquets, parties, and award ceremonies. When the event is getting started I wander through the crowd performing close-up magic, then once everyone is seated and the event is in full swing, I will perform a thirty-minute stand-up comedy-magic act. Depending on the event and size of the crowd the close-up magic can last anywhere from one to two hours.

I've hosted group shows at international festivals, my own variety shows that I produce in New York City, and just about everything in-between. Perfect when you need just a little bit of magic but a lot of high energy and audience interaction for an event. I make sure to keep things moving along smoothly and for everyone to remain happily entertained.

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