Born Gareth Blackthunder, he was raised in a small town in the south of England called New Jersey. As a youth he focused on his two passions: heavy metal and magic. When he turned 16 he changed his name to Nigel Blackstorm because he argued that his given name didn't sound "heavy" enough.

As is the case with us all, Nigel grew to adulthood and was confronted with choosing his career path. As his love for metal and magic had only grown over time, and since he had no desire to wear a suit, Nigel decided to devote his life to both his arts, founding the magical heavy metal cover band, Lordz of Illuzzion, in 1991. The band toured the world with their unique approach to music and released three albums that garnered minor attention.

In 1998, following a sold out performance at the world famous Orange County Fair, the other three Lordz abruptly quit the band. Nigel was devastated by this surprising and untimely break-up. Driven by rage and passion and channeling the spirits of Houdini and Ozzy Osbourne, he put the pieces of his life back together and thus emerged The Heavy Metal Magician. With the skills of an alchemist, Nigel blended heavy metal music and the world of magic, creating the unique genre: "Heavy Magic." Be prepared to have your mind blown, and ladies: please control yourselves.

Strap on your seat-belts and get ready as Nigel takes you on a wild ride filled with Heavy Metal music and Heavy Magic. He opens the show with a series of fast paced magical miracles. Nigel then takes some time to also show his more sensitive side with a beautiful demonstration using a series of solid metal rings that link and unlink in his hands. As a finale Nigel reunites with his band for one final song. Giving them magical instruments made from air Nigel transforms three seemingly ordinary people back into the Lordz of Illuzzion who play the show of their lives. As an encore Nigel performs one of his most amazing tricks. It must be seen... and heard to be believed.

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