Your performance as Magic Brian at the opening night gala and your festival show, Nigel Blackstorm, were both filled with energy and passion. Congratulations for your wonderful, stirring, fabulous shows and for winning Best Act at our festival.
Martin Hiltz - Producer - StadtSpektakel Landshut
To sum up Magic Brians show is proof that the words "hilarious","risky","skillful" and 'no, don't tell me he's gonna... yep, hes done it" can go together.
Conor McCarthy - Producer - Street Performance World Championships
Magic Brian is a versatile and talented performer. He is charismatic, fun and funny and behind the scenes he was helpful and professional"
Mackenzie Muldoon - Entertainment Director - Scotiabank BuskerFest
Magic Brian's show was easily one of our crowd favorites and he brought a great energy and enthusiasm to the overall company of artists at this years' Festival."
Shelley Switzer - Artistic Producer - Edmonton International Street Performers Festival
Magic Brian's performance at the Festival Finale Cabaret Night displayed his command of the stage and showed his versatility as a performer on stage as well as on the street."
Brendan Coleman - Artistic Director - Freemantle Street Arts Festival
It took 3 years for Magic Brian and I to get together at the Windsor International Busker Festival but it was well worth the wait. Not only is Brian a superb and selfless artist to work with, his show has evolved into a seamless blend of skill and comedy. And he was voted the 2006 People's Choice "Best Performer" against a roster full of great performers - and he deserved it!
Ken Brandes - Executive Producer - The Windsor International Busker Festival
Your show in particular was a highlight for many of our visitors, big and small, as well as for our volunteers staffing the event. We look forward to seeing you again, whenever your unique blend of magical hilarity is needed."
Laura Baron - Public Programs Coordinator - New York Historical Society
It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken, and Magic Brian is bitin' their rubbery heads off! Who knew the return of the geek act would be this hysterical?"
James Taylor - Editor of "Shocked and Amazed"
Not only am I a huge fan of his outlandish material, but he is reliable, professional, and can always draw an audience."
Jennifer Jiles - Producing Director - Third Rail Comedy
All of the students that came to the show really had a good time and are still wondering how you pulled off many our your tricks. It's always great to find some variety in our entertainment which, without a doubt, you were able to provide."
Tyler Bush & Nick Guzik - Student Activities Coordinators - Wabash College
...We can't stop dreaming of the Bindlestiff's adorably (and purposefully) incompetent magician, Magic Brian. As Philomena sings in her introduction, "He's Magic, He's Brian", Would he were ours?"
Alex Soloski - Village Voice
Magic Brian returned, seizing hold of the stage and crowd with his Chris Farley-esque energy minus about 200 pounds. Armed with wagon loads of charisma and stiletto sharp wit, Brian picked out a member of the audience, turned her into a complete joke in the name of a card trick that included blind folds, chest groping and Brian with his pants around his knees at one point. Upping the ante, Brian threw caution and fear of salmonella to the wind as the finished his set with the bloody decapitation and re-capitation of a chicken for a folk tale re-enactment that had the crowd in an uproar."
Derrick Prince - The Stony Brook Press